Why I hate UltimateGuitar.com


As a contributor to Ultimate Guitar, I have created over 20 highly rated tabs to their website which generate thousands of views per week and therefore a sizeable amount of money to their pockets.  Along with me, there are many other contributors who do a lot more...  In exchange for this, they tell me to pay for their app and send them free beers... (to "do their job faster"...)  I am a bit confused here... I am the one who is doing your job, I am the one who is making you money, I am your free labor source, maybe you guys at Ultimate Guitar should be the ones sending me free beer...

I started making tabs/chords to songs in the first place because I wanted to help the guitar-playing community and contribute to the other contributors who were helping me out by providing me with good songs to play on my guitar.  Turns out I was just doing all the work for some sacks of shit at UltimateGuitar.com who want to make free money from free labor and give us contributors nothing in return, not even a "thank you."  I suppose I can only blame myself for putting my stuff on their shitty website for free...


I decided that I want to remove all my contributions from Ultimate Guitar so they can stop scamming free money from my work and maybe put those chords/tabs on my own website somewhere.  

Nope. can't be done.

You can't take away or delete any of your work/tabs.  I haven't looked into the terms and conditions but I assume hidden in there somewhere is something that says all your property is actually their property... This to me sounds like it's pretty close to the legality-line and is pretty shady at best.  

All in all, my thesis is:  Fuck you Ultimate Guitar... fuck you.


Can I delete my chords / tabs from ultimateguitar.com?

Can I delete my ultimate guitar account?

Will Ultimate Guitar ever share their earnings with their contributors in a monetization fashion similar to Youtube?

Is the ultimate guitar app free for contributors?

I hate ultimate guitar.
Not a question, but Yes.