Elevation Peak: 5,785 feet

Elevation Gain: 1,488 feet

Angel’s Landing

Round trip: 5 Miles

Time: 3-6 hours

Angel’s Landing Hike

The cool thing about Zion National Park is that it isn't over populated by tourists like some other places in the US.  If you start your hike up Angel's landing around 6 or 7 in the morning on a Thursday afternoon like I did, you can expect to be one of the only people on the trail.  Angel's Landing is definitely one of the major highlights of Zion and its peak offers the greatest view of the sprawling sandstone canyons below. 

I started my journey from the Las Vegas airport, drove the 3 or 4 hours to Zion that night, arrived around midnight, and ironically slept in my car in the parking lot of a Holiday Inn.  In the morning I woke up, drove into the park around 6 am and the ranger at the gate said I was one of the first people in in.  The temperature was nice and cool, perfect for a steep hike and I started on the trail to Angel's Landing around 7. 

Me at the top of 'Angel's Landing'

The Trail

I got this picture with thishttp://amzn.to/1qa3Mrp

At the Top

If you're feeling adventurous, you can climb down to the real edge.  Try not to crack the sandstone beneath your feet and fall to your doom. 

Packing List

This is not a very long or demanding hike like a few I've done in the past, so you don't really need to bring anything apart from the essentials.

  • Water (I chugged 2 bottles in the car, and brought 3) 
  • Food: (I got hungry, ate a thing of Beef Jerky)
  • Boots (you could do this hike in shoes, but If you want happy feet, wear boots) 
  • Camera (maybe a tripod if you're lone-wolfing it like me)
  • Sunglasses (I brought mine, didn't wear them)
  • Backpack (easiest method to carry all your junk)
  • Headlamp?  (if you're going at night yeah, otherwise no point, you won't get stranded up there) 
  • Trekking Poles? (I have bad knees, but I think trekking poles would just get in your way on this hike, as you are crawling around on your hands and feet as you scramble up to the summit)

My Bootshttp://amzn.to/1rEGeMq
My Camerahttp://amzn.to/1rEGn2n
My Mini Tripod:  http://amzn.to/1rIxlRV

My Airbnb discount code:  www.airbnb.com/c/kevink151

Angel’s Landing FAQ:

How hard is Angel's Landing?

  • If you are someone who exercises and works-out on a regular basis, you are probably gonna be sore in the morning, but it shouldn't be too hard for you.  I sweat and huffed and puffed, but compared to other major hikes, this was no problem.  If you don't remember the last time you got down and dirty at the gym, this may be a little difficult for you, but as long as you take a few rests and bring some water, you'll be okay.

Is Angel's Landing dangerous?

  • Yeah it is, but if you're careful and reasonable you aren't really in any danger.  If you tool around on the edges like me though, your safety is not guaranteed. 

Can I do Angel's Landing if I'm scared of heights?

  • I saw one girl totally freaking out and staring at the ground on her hands and knees while her friends were laughing at her and forcing her to continue.  So if you have good friends like these, you will make it to the top no problem! 

What is the best time to hike Angel's Landing?

  • Definitely early in the morning, 6 or 7am.  It is less hot and there is almost no one on the trail.  The sunlight is also much more beautiful casting across the canyon than it is at mid-day.

Do you need a permit for Angel's Landing?

  • No, anyone can do it, whenever they want. 

What's the temperature like at Zion National Park in early May?

  • It's very pleasant and beautiful, I would say perfect.  Not too hot, not too cold.  

What clothes should I wear if I climb Angel's Landing?

  • You will definitely regret wearing pants and a jacket! 

How much does it cost to get into Zion National Park?

  • It's 30 bucks per car of people, per day.  

Things to do at Zion National Park:

  • The biggest highlights of Zion are definitely Angel's Landing and the Narrows.  I learned of Zion originally when I heard about the Narrows, but Angel's Landing turned out to be a very exciting hike on its own.

Where to park at Zion National Park:

  • There are a bunch of free parking spots inside Zion, parking won't be a problem. 

How to get around in Zion National Park:

  • You park your car, and then get on free buses that take you to and from different areas of the park.  They are actually very punctual, easy to use and run like every 5 minutes. 

Is the Narrows open?

  • Unfortunately for me, no the Narrows was not open in early May.  They were completely flooded by the river

If the park service at Zion says the Narrows are closed, does that prevent a person from attempting them? / Can I still attempt the Narrows even if it is technically "closed."

  • There is no authority figure at the Narrows that will prevent you from trying, just a sign that says it's closed.  Me and a bunch of other people tried to make our way up the river but it just kept getting deeper.  We made it about 500 meters in. 

Why can't you do the Narrows when it is "closed?"

  • Because there is a huge river running through it.  If you've been to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, it is a very similar looking river, a littler smaller, and about 2-5 feet deep or more with a pretty good current.

Is the river at the Zion Narrows cold? 

  • Yes!  It's freezing! My ankles were going numb with pain, all this water comes from melted snow and never sees much sunlight. 

When does the Zion Narrows open?

  • Sometimes as late as July, but as early as late May.  It closes when the river is too big and strong, or when there are flash flood risks/warnings. 

Do you need a permit to hike the Zion Narrows?

  • No, not if you wanna hike in indefinitely.  There are other more technical hikes that start from the other side of the Narrows and camping hikes that you need permits for, check out the official NPS website for info about that. 

How long does it take to climb Angel's Landing?

  • It only takes an hour or two to get up if you are going at a fast pace.  Then I would want to hang out at the top for an hour or two, so plan on spending about four hours on Angels landing, at least. 


At the start of my hike

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Zion Narrows was flooded, eventually got waist deep..