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Time:  2-3  Hours

Distance:  2-3 miles all uphill

The Rock of Gibraltar

Elevation Gain:  1,398 ft

Difficulty:  Tiring and Sweaty

The only way to see this view is to climb a fence and dodge some "High Voltage" electrical wires after you get to the top of Gibraltar. Worth it.
Me standing in a cave near the top of the rock.
Tyler sitting on the big gun at the summit

How to Climb the Rock of Gibraltar

There are 3 main ways up The Rock of Gibraltar
Tram/Gondola  -  Road  -  Trail  
For the sake of this blog post, I will be talking about how to hike up the rock of Gibraltar on the beautiful hiking trail known as the 'Mediterranean Steps.'

Tyler standing on the edge of the Mediterranean steps.. about half way to the top.

Step 1:  Park your car

Gibraltar is technically British Territory, you need to show the border agents your passport in order to leave Spain and enter Gibraltar. 
Once you pass through the border, you drive across an airport runway and enter the small city of Gibraltar.  Here roads are narrow, and parking is limited.  There are some places you can pay for parking, but if you look around, you can find certain roads with free parking.  Park in this Southwest area to be near the trail-head of the Mediterranean Steps / Hiking trail. 

There are a few little side roads where you can park your car for free all day.

Step 2:  Find the 'Mediterranean Steps' / Gibraltar hiking trail

Once we entered Gibraltar, it was time to figure out where the beginning of the trail was.. the trail doesn't show up on Google maps...
The beginning of the trail starts near the "GOHNS Gibraltar Ornithological and Natural History Society" building.  Walk up "Windmill Hill Road" until you reach the start of the Mediterranean Steps Trail. 

Rock of Gibraltar FAQ

How do you get to the Rock of Gibraltar?
You enter from Spain, cross a small border patrol, show them your passport and now you're in British territory.. Gibraltar. 

Can you enter Gibraltar without a passport?
No, you need a passport, they visually check it, you don't get a stamp, though...

Is there a place to park in Gibraltar / Is parking free?
You can find free parking on a street or you can pay for parking.

Can you walk into Gibraltar?
Yes, many people entered Gibraltar on foot or on moped / bike... 

What should you wear to climb / hike the Mediterranean steps at Gibraltar? 
The lightest, coolest shirts and shorts you have, it is very hot!

Do you need boots to climb the Mediterranean Steps trail on Gibraltar? 
No, we hiked in shoes, though if given the choice, I would choose boots. 

Does the Mediterranean Steps trail / hike cost money?
You pass a guy in a booth and it costs 1 dollar per person to enter by foot.  or 1 pound or euro... 

Are there monkeys at Gibraltar?
Yeah there are tons of monkey (Scientifically speaking, I think they are Apes).

Are the monkeys at Gibraltar dangerous?
If you back them into a corner, they could bite you.  Or worse, open your backpack and steal your lucky shirt... 

How long does it take to climb the rock of Gibraltar?
Like 2 to 4 hours depending on how often you stop to smell the roses. 

Is Climbing the rock of Gibraltar hard?
It's not hard for experienced hikers but it is really sweaty and kinda hard on your legs.  If you're afraid of heights, you might get a little spooked. 

Is climbing the rock of Gibraltar worth it?
Definitely!  If you're anywhere near the south of Spain, definitely climb the Mediterranean steps of Gibraltar, this was one of my favorite things on our trip. 

What camera did you use for this trip?
I am currently using this camera: http://amzn.to/2ob6uxj 

and this lens usually:  http://amzn.to/2nus7ui

The Monkeys look friendly...

But they will open your backpack and steal your favorite shirt...