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Bolonia Beach | Sand Dunes of Bolonia Spain

This will be an abnormally small blog post for me... I don't really have anything to write about the Bolonia Beach sand dunes other than that if you find yourself in southern Spain, you should definitely check out this beach.  Bolonia and the surrounding area is extremely beautiful and much more remote than other areas in Spain.  You can find horses wandering around endless pastures, windmills on the horizons and great views of the coastline of Tangier Africa.  The highlight of Bolonia is this strange beach.  Like a small model of the Sahara desert, the sand dunes of Bolonia stretch far and high into the sky.  Tyler and I climbed and hiked our way across the dunes, finally reaching the top in time to witness the sun sink below the treetops.  All of a sudden the sand stops and turns into forest, like a massive truck just unloaded a million tons of sand randomly on this coastline...  An extremely surreal and strange place, especially because we were alone on the dunes after the sun went down.  We made a pretty cool video/vlog of our time here.. It can describe our experience better than words.. (vlog coming soon)  Subscribe to my 1Lifeonearth YouTube channel. 

Me standing at the top of the dunes. The sand is above the tree canopies.

Tyler. Right before we decide to enter into the dark forest below...

In the vlog we enter the eerie forest below the dunes. We get a little spooked out... (vlog coming soon...)