Kruger National Park

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Kruger National Park South Africa7,523 Square Miles 9 Entrances 220 Miles from North to South Established 1898 My brother and I were hiking in the mountains of Lesotho.  We slept in our car and when we woke up at sunrise, … Read More

Cathedral Peak South Africa Hike

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Cathedral Peak Hike South AfricaDistance: ~14 Miles RT Duration: All Day View Factor: Absolutely Beautiful Difficulty: Tough/Tiring Upon climbing Cathedral Peak in South Africa, I have determined this place to easily be entered into my top 10 most beautiful places on … Read More

Sentinel Peak Hike South Africa

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Sentinel Peak Hike South AfricaDistance: 6 miles RT Difficulty: Moderate Fear Factor: Moderate Fun Factor: Cool Ladder climb When we looked into hiking Sentinel Peak from our home in Wisconsin before our South Africa trip.. I thought we might be able … Read More

How to Hike to Aconcagua Base Camp

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Me and Tyler standing at Aconcagua base camp, ArgentinaAconcagua Base Camp HikeDistance: 12 Miles Round-Trip Difficulty: Moderate Elevation BC: 11,800 Feet Duration: 4-8 Hours Tyler in a dry, lake-bed looking South. Chile to the right and Argentina to the left. … Read More

How to Machu Picchu Peru

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Machu Picchu, Peru | The Complete GuideHow to get to Machu PicchuLet me explain, in order, the airports, cities, bus stations, taxis, and train stations you need to get to in order to arrive at the top of Macchu Picchu … Read More

Waialeale Falls Blue Hole Hike | Kauai Hawaii

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Waialeale Falls Blue Hole Hike Kauai HawaiiLocation: Kauai Time: ~12 Hours Waialeale Falls Blue Hole Hike Distance: 22 Miles RT Difficulty: Extreme A True AdventureThis Mountain/valley/area is referred to by several names.  “Mount Waialeale,” “Waialeale Falls Hike,” “Blue Hole.”  The … Read More

How to get from LHR (London Heathrow international airport) to downtown London.

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Take a train from London Heathrow airport to downtown London. You have two train options.  One is expensive and fast, the other is cheap and slower. Option 1: Train called “London Express”London Express is Fast, takes only 16 Minutes, costs 21.5 Pounds ($33 … Read More