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How to find the crashed plane wreck on Sólheimasandur beach in Iceland

In 1973, a (US Navy) Douglas Dakota DC-3 airplane crash-landed on the Sólheimasandur beach in Iceland.  To this day the fuselage remains.  Alone in the stark landscape, a great spot to check out during your trip to Iceland.  Locals ask that you please be courteous while here, and don't damage the plane or surroundings further.  

Step 1:  Location

You're probably familiar with Skógafoss, the giant beautiful waterfall known to all the tourists, but something most people drive past is the crashed plane sitting out on the black-sand beach, 8 miles southeast of Skógafoss.  

From Skógafoss, drive 6 miles East on 'Route 1'

Notice the small gravel parking circle / path on the right (South) side of the road.  There is also a fence with a big iron chain across it over a gravel path that leads southward.


Step 2:  Walk 

Once you've parked your car, hop over the iron chain fence and start walking down the gravel path leading towards the coast.  It's a two mile walk through a baron wasteland of volcanic rock which could make for some interesting pictures.  

Michael and Cody on the two mile walk

Step 3:  Discover

As we made our way down the endless trail, we could finally hear the roar of the ocean and knew we were close.  The sun had dropped below the horizon and we could see the silver tail of the crashed plane sticking out amongst the darkness.  We took a couple (high iso) photographs and imagined what it would be like to crash here as we explored the innards of what was left of the fuselage. 

Allot yourself at least an hour or two to check out this plane, as the walk alone takes an hour round-trip.

My new camera:  http://amzn.to/2ctQEKE

Michael hanging out in the cockpit...
Michael's spirit animal, the seagull. (iso 6400 F2.8 1/20 shutter)

Iceland’s plane-wreck FAQ

Where is the crash landed / plane wreck in Iceland?
About 8 miles southeast of Skogafoss.

Is it illegal / are you allowed to go to the crash site?
It's on private land, but it isn't illegal to go here.

Can you drive a car to the crash site?
You used to be able to drive your car right up to the plane wreck, not anymore.  Now you must park out by the road and make the 2 mile journey on foot.

What else should I know about the crashed airplane in Iceland?
The local farmers who own the land would like to see this location remain open, but in years past have had issues with tourists degrading the area.  Since then the path to the site has been closed and blocked off but people are still allowed to walk to the wreckage.  The locals urge people to be respectful of the area so that it can remain open for years to come.

The volcanic beach

The video we filmed over seven days in Iceland