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How to get to the center of downtown Paris from Charles De Gaulle international airport.

The fastest and cheapest way is by train. 

Name of the Train:  "RER B"

Cost:                       10 Euros = 11 USD

Duration:                 25-40 minutes (depending on how many stops)

Location:                The lower level of the airport.

Picks you up:          Multiple terminals in the airport.

Drops you off:         Multiple stops throughout downtown Paris. 

When you get off the plane, look for these signs:  "Paris by train" and follow the arrows. 

Once you get further along, you will be looking for the train called "RER."

You want the "RER" "B" line. (RER Blue line) to take you downtown. 

Purchase a train ticket from a machine for 10 Euro.  They accept coins or credit/debit card.  There are ATM's at some of the currency exchanges in the airport, it is hard to tell if they rip you off or not. 

Figure out what stop you want to get off at, and pay attention.  It is easier to get it right the first time rather than miss your stop and get lost like we did  🙂


-side note, the trains within the city (after you get off the RER) only cost $1.70