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Best things to do in Paris if you have one day

Most people traveling to Paris are going to have actually planned out a vacation for more than one day.  But if you happen to be like me, and only have one or two days in this wonderful city, the best of Paris can be squeezed into one surprisingly leisurely day of exploration.  All of these things/places are downtown and within reasonable walking distance of each other - after you get off the train from the airport (we walked to them all).

Start at the Arc

Arc de Triomphe

This giant monument is a perfect place to start your on-foot tour of Paris.  Once you're here, you can go everywhere else by foot, and see all the little nooks and crannies of the city along the way.  Next stop, Eiffel Tower. 

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel tower is actually cooler than I thought it would be, a lot bigger too.  This is a good spot to hang out and take some pictures and maybe grab a crepe from a street vendor.  Hold off on the Nutella though, that stuff is nasty... 

Different at night.

You're also gonna wanna see the Eiffel tower (and all of Paris for that matter) at night as well.  Everything is lit up like a Christmas tree... 

Live in the moment


Me and Shay pwning noobs at wiffle-stick-ball
Golden bridge of gold

My pocket tripod: http://amzn.to/1STS9xw

Enjoy the little things.  Take time to relax and live in the moment while you're walking from one place to another.  Life is too chaotic, as you're constantly looking forward to getting to the final destination, so sit on a bridge ledge for 10 minutes and feel something.  

Shay actin' cray

Pick a Museum

Du louvre
Musee d'orsay

Musee d'orsay

Me, Shay and Taylor decided to go to the Musee d'orsay, there was no line, it was only 12 bucks, and it was rated pretty high as a cool place to go.  The paintings here are massive and beautiful, and there's a bunch of famous stuff by Van Gogh.  It was well worth it, and a little more off the beaten path that is Du Louvre.  It is still cool to check out the courtyard of Du Louvre, you can see a bunch of people taking selfies and doing other basic things.  It's right across the bridge.

Pick a Church

There are so many churches and cathedrals in Paris.  We went in a few, probably the most well known was Notre Dame.  We never could find that hunch-back dude though. 

Love Lock Bridge

Right behind Notre Dame there is a 'Love Lock Bridge.'  If I understand correctly, there is more than one of these bridges, and this one we went to is still in-tact.  It also seems to be less well known as we were the only ones there.  Me and my friend Shay eventually found a lock to put on together, it was quite romantic... I guess I shouldn't look so depressed... 

My camera I used for this trip:  http://amzn.to/1STSMqI

no love lock for me,,,

One day in Paris turned out to be just long enough to see and do a bunch of cool stuff.  After our time here, we all realized why Paris is the go-to destination for so many people around the world.